Duspatalin Retard

Capsules of the prolonged action firm gelatinous, №1, opaque, white colour, with marks "245" on the case both "S" and "∇" on a capsule lid; contents of capsules - white or nearly so white granules.

Direct an effect has on smooth muscles of thick department of intestines. Eliminates a spasm without influence on intestines.

Does not possess anti cholinergic action.

Capsules duspatalin retard are the special form of the release providing gradual liberation of active substance and prolonged action of a preparation.

At intake mebeverine the hydrochloride is exposed to system hydrolysis and in plasma it is not found out.

It is deduced in a kind metabolite, mainly - with urine, in small amounts - with bile. Even after a multiple dose it is not observed considerable cumulase.


To adults and children is more senior 12 years appoint on 200 mg - 2 times/days for 20 mines to meal (in the morning and in the evening).

Capsules should be swallowed entirely, not chewing, washing down with water.


Symptoms: theoretically in some cases probably increase of excitability of the central nervous system.

Treatment: washing of a stomach and carrying out of symptomatic therapy is recommended. The specific antipillbox is not known.

Medicinal interaction of a preparation duspatalin retard is not described.

Pregnancy and lactation

Application duspatalin retard at pregnancy is possible only in the event that the expected advantage of therapy for mother surpasses potential risk for a fruit.

Application of a preparation in a lactation (chest feeding) under indications since at reception in average therapeutic doses mebeverine it is not allocated with chest milk is possible.

In experimental researches it has not been revealed teratogen actions mebeverine.

Collateral actions

From the central nervous system: seldom - dizziness.

Allergic reactions: extremely seldom.

Conditions and periods of storage

The preparation should be stored in a place dry and inaccessible to children at temperature from 5 ° to 30°C. Working life - 3 years.


At adults

- A spasm of bodies;

- An intestinal pain;

- A bilious pain;

- A syndrome of an angry thick gut.

At children aged is more senior 12 years

- Functional frustration accompanied by a pain in a tummy.


A hypersensibility to preparation components.

Special instructions

Influence on ability to driving of motor transport and to management of mechanisms

In treatment duspatalin retard it is necessary to be careful at driving of motor transport and during employment by potentially dangerous kinds of the activity demanding raised concentration of attention and speed of psychomotor reactions.

Sale conditions in drugstores

The preparation duspatalin retard is released under the recipe.